What We Do

Lucine Health Sciences is a social-benefit company, committed to improving healthcare by providing critical and credible health information to consumers, physicians and industry. We specialize in direct-to-patient health media and online research, primarily in women’s health and post market and clinical outcomes studies. Our unique combination of providing medical consumers with cutting edge research news, social communities and research participation opportunities allows us to leverage social media to the fullest extent and drive discovery in new diagnostic and therapeutic directions.

Our Values

Lucine was founded on the belief that health matters. Call us idealistic, but we believe that patients and physicians ought to have credible and unbiased information from which to make healthcare decisions. We believe clinical practice guidelines and prescribing practices ought to be based on robust evidence, not consensus and not marketing. We believe that patients ought to have a role in their own healthcare decisions. And most importantly, we believe that patients hold a wealth of knowledge about their health and, when given the opportunity, patients will lead researchers like us to new medical discoveries.

Who We Are

dcm 011A- croppedChandler Marrs MS, MA, PhD, CEO.  Dr. Marrs is the founder, creator and driving force behind Lucine Health Sciences and Hormones Matter.  She is a fierce women’s health advocate and avid research scientist, with an affinity for systems interactions and big data in clinical diagnostics. She has an extensive collection of online writings with a scope and depth of expertise uncommon in today’s hyper-specialized environment. Dr. Marrs has spent the last 15 years in women’s health research and brings that knowledge and innate curiosity to bear with Lucine. Dr. Marrs received her BA in philosophy from the University of Redlands; MS in Clinical Psychology from California Lutheran University; and, MA and PhD in Experimental Psychology/ Neuroendocrinology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Other Resources

Lucine has an extensive network of researchers and technical resources worldwide, capable of completing any research project.