Data Matter

Ineffective and unsafe medications cost healthcare payers billions annually. This is in addition to the very real human costs of medication mediated chronic illness. Without accurate data, informed medical decisions are impossible. Without appropriate purpose, big data are useless. Lucine Health Sciences specializes in well-designed and crowdsourced post-market therapeutic efficacy and safety research. We give patients, doctors and industry the data needed to make informed treatment decisions. We bring big data to life, purposefully.

Costs of Poor Data

Closed clinical trials data, positive publication bias and sometimes outright fraud, have made medical-decision making perilous and costly. According to the BMJ when published reports in peer-reviewed journals are re-analyzed to include the unpublished data for FDA-approved drugs, a whopping 93% of the outcomes changed.  Additional studies found that fully 50% of common therapeutic interventions are completely unproven. In women’s healthcare only 30% of Ob/Gyn Clinical Practice Guidelines are based on evidence, much of it biased. Worse yet, PNAS  reports that in 2012, that one in every 10,000 medical articles published was retracted, 67% of the retractions were due to misconduct with the vast majority (43%) for fraud or suspected fraud.

Data matter. One cannot practice medicine, make personal healthcare decisions or business decisions with out accurate data. Work with Lucine and get the data you need to make informed healthcare decisions.