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We cannot expect patients to manage their own healthcare without access to reliable health and science information. Lucine Health Sciences fills the credibility void left by other news sources. We provide critical reviews of medical research, health, and healthcare policy, translated for a consumer audience. A health savvy population is a healthy population.

Hormones MatterHormones Matter – Where Health and Hormones Make Sense

Developed by women’s health experts, Hormones Matter is our flagship property committed to offering readers cutting edge and research, policy and health news.

This dynamic health media site offers analysis on issues and topics that affect women and their families. It gives voice to patients with difficult to diagnose and treat conditions and provides insight and interaction from health communities around the world. With daily news coverage, investigative reporting, editorial commentary and personal health stories, Hormones Matter offers a unique and unparalleled level of health information.

Integrated Health Media and Research

Hormones Matter drives awareness, conversation and discovery between patients, physicians and researchers worldwide.  Hormones Matter is the backbone of our crowdsourced research platform. As our readership grows, so too does our ability to conduct large-scale health research. As the our interaction between readers grows, our research is refined and discoveries are made.