Real World Medication Data

Is this Medication Good for Me?

That is the question on everyone’s mind; is this medication good for me? How does one decide? The mandated medication package inserts tell one story, the drug reaction and interaction lists online are long and complicated, adverse events data are incomplete and patient stories reflect individual reactions. Where are data that put numbers to the side-effects and adverse reactions? Where are the real world data that show risks for patients of different age groups, men versus women, or on multiple medications? Where are those data?  Lucine Health Sciences is collecting those data.


Medication Side Effects

Understand medication side effects.

Understanding Side Effects

While we cannot make your medication decisions for you, we can collect more complete side-effect data from patients around the world and we can offer those data to patients, physicians and industry. We think everyone deserves to know the frequency, severity, and chronicity of side-effects. Don’t you?