Research Philosophy

Want to know if a medication works, go to the patient. Want to know if a treatment has side-effects, go to the patient. Lucine Health Sciences brings the patient back into the research equation.

Patients Matter in Modern Research

Gone are the days when researchers can test a single medication, in a homogeneous, highly controlled and entirely closed environment. Gone are the days when the doctor or the researcher knows all and defines all that can be known. Modern research must embrace the complexity of co-morbidity, medication, environmental and sex-dependent interactions. Modern research must consider what the patient knows about his or her health, and most importantly, modern research consider that health, and indeed, biological data are not simple linear equations. Life is messy. Health and illness are complex.  For the most accurate healthcare decisions, these relationships must be considered.

If you want to know what’s really going on in everyday health, work with Lucine. We take health science to the next level.