Research Services

Query Databases for Custom Reports

Lucine takes big data to the next level. We designed our research projects to provide vast, rich, highly detailed and immensely interesting data sets in the oft ignored areas of healthcare. We crowdsource our research projects by leveraging social media for the broadest reach possible. Respondents to our surveys are diverse in age, race, culture, geography and health status.  This creates a unique opportunity to answer an array of healthcare questions.

Lucine neither collects nor distributes personally identifying patient information, see Ethics & Privacy for more details.  We do, however, publish trended reports for open access and custom reports for industry.  If you have a research question that can be answered by querying one of our databases, we are happy to create a custom report. For inquiries about custom reporting services, Contact Us.

Lucine’s Health Databases

  • Understanding oral contraceptives safety, off-label prescribing and efficacy
  • Hysterectomy – causes, outcomes and efficacy
  • Gardasil Cervarix  – safety and side-effects
  • Lupron Side Effects
  • Fluoroquinolone Side Effects
  • Endometrial Ablation – short and long term outcomes
  • Pain Medication Use in Women

Commission Research

Have a research question not currently addressed by Lucine’s health databases? We can help. Lucine offers contract research services in all areas of women’s health and in certain areas of men’s health. We specialize in online, post-market and clinical outcomes studies and have an affinity for comprehensive, symptom analysis.  We have an extensive network of relationships with patient groups and patient advocates, researchers and physicians worldwide. To commission a research project, Contact Us.