Social Health Communities

Social health communities are all the rage these days but what does that really mean operationally for a research company? For us, it is all about relationships and interactions. At the core of each of our relationships is respect for the knowledge and insight that the patient has to offer.  We believe in the power of talking to patients, of listening to patients, of learning from and with patients. They know when medications work or don’t work. They know when their bodies don’t feel right. They may not have the words to describe what they are feeling, but if we listen, they will give us the clues to drive discovery.  For Lucine, health research is social.

Social Health

Lucine operates a number of online social health communities across multiple social media. We are a known and trusted entity on a growing number of patient advocacy and patient help groups worldwide. Our research, our media, are cross-posted to each of these groups which increases exposure and reach exponentially. More importantly, our relationships with these groups and individuals drive our research topics and discoveries. At the center of social health is the notion that discovery comes from interaction. We nurture those interactions with great care and transparency. Our mission is improved healthcare through better health information and data. Every community we interact with, knows that.